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About Us

The Tommy Byrne Photographic Society is much more than just somewhere people meet to learn how to take photographs and go on outings. We are affiliated to the Irish Photographic Federation, (IPF) which allows us gain distinctions in photography through a series of grading. A number of our members already have achieved some, and will be working towards more when they feel the time is right for them.

Our current committee comprises of the following members.

  • President: Robert Hudson.
  • Chair: Audrey Hobbs.
  • Secretary: Bernie Nuzum.
  • Graphics: Larry Timmons.
  • Treasurer: Elena Kenny.
  • Sharon Giles Wheeler / Gerry Browne ..Pro.

Our society caters for all levels of enthusiasts, whether it is the first time you have ever taken up a compact camera, or have being taking photographs for years with the latest and greatest creation from the House of Canon, Nikon, or any of the other leading camera manufacturers, you will get the same warm welcome from us.

Our membership is made up of people from all walks of life with many levels of experience of photography, and those who are only starting out. Everyone gets the same warm welcome at the TBPS. Members must be over 18 years of age. Fees consist of the following:
Student (Over 18) – €25
Single (Unwaged) – €35
OAP – €35
Single (Waged) – €50
Family – €75. The definition of our family membership is as follows. Membership of the society is open to all those over 18 years of age. Thus membership must consist of two or more of the same family, all of whom must have reached their 18th birthday on date of application to the Society. This is to comply with Child Protection laws and our Constitution.

We are a growing group of enthusiasts of all ages and photographic ability. The one thing we have in common is our love of taking photographs, capturing that magic moment that were it not caught right there on that vital second, would be lost forever.

We meet every Wednesday in the Bridge Hotel, Arklow at 8.30, but if you decide to come and join us and sometimes cannot make 8.30, don't be afraid, we will still let you in!. Our meetings vary from week to week, but the committee always have at least a month’s meetings and activities planned in advance, so everyone know what is on the agenda and is prepared for that particular night to take their cameras, or laptops or whatever is needed if anything on that particular night.

Every September we run a PhotoSchool, starting in September and continuing on until early December. We have ten in-house competitions each year, based on various subjects, and every month we have a project night, so overall we are kept very busy.

However, it is not all about work as at least once a year we head off, (those of us who wish to) together for a weekend of photography, craic and camaraderie. We have regular Sunday outings to various places near and not so far, and to different Sporting events. Every Christmas we have a great Christmas party, with a raffle of which we donate the proceeds to a local charity.

There is no such thing as a silly question in The Tommy Byrne Photographic Society. We all had to start somewhere, and you would not find a friendlier or more helpful bunch of people. Every help is given, we all make mistakes, we are all still learning, achieving our distinctions, and will continue to do so in an ever growing family friendly environment which is The Tommy Byrne Photographic Society.

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